Womb Lifting

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An ancient technique taught in traditional Thai medicine. Originated as a northern Thai Lanna healing modality. It involves warm medical leave compress, acupressure points and zones. This modality does NOT involve inside touch.

The Uterus is manipulated directly externally via the abdomen. This technique heals and supports the womb on all layers - physical, energetical, emotional and spiritual. It is traditionally used for prenatal and postnatal health, fertility problems, endometriosis, irregular periods, a tilted or retroverted uterus, mild prolapse and overall feminine health.

This modality also helps us to heal trauma stored in our wombs and connect on an even deeper level. It is used to release personal but also generational trauma imprints in us.

The knowledge is passed down by medicine women, healers and midwives, through generations in northern Thailand.

In 2020 I have the chance to participate in a certified training with Homprang Chaleekanha, a specialist in traditional Thai women's health. She comes from a long generational line of medicine women.

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