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Hormonal Massage


Hormonal massage was developed by medical experts for optimal support of the female body and it's hormonal system. Soft touch on certain organ zones restore the body's natural healing abilities and support a balanced hormonal system as well as a strengthened lymphatic system. Perfect support for detox, hormonal issues and menstrual discomfort.

A deeply relaxing and feminine (Yin) technique.

Womb Lifting

• Connection

An ancient technique taught in traditional Thai medicine. Heals and supports the womb on all layers - physical, energetical, emotional and spiritual. Revitalize your womb and connect on an even deeper level.


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• Sisterhood

We offer a variety of different workshops internationally. At the center of our workshops are connection, empowerment and innitiation.

The passing on of deeply feminine knowledge.

Workshop topics include: sexuality, feminine spirituality, pelvic wellness, Yoga for women and the female cycle.

All upcoming event dates are accessible on Facebook.

Holistic Health Coaching

• Support

1:1 coaching sessions for optimal health and support on your path. This offer draws on techniques from modern personal development, psychology, endocrinology, ancient tribal knowledge, TCM and Ayurveda.

Real People, Real Results

After every session I feel my belly expand. I feel how there is more space in my abdomen and pelvic floor. It feels like my organs get space to expand, grow and heal.

Daniela S., Austria

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