About Me
Vici Romer

Scholar,  Yoga Teacher,  Bodyworker

& Women's Health Educator

My Path...

I'm coming from a social science background with a university degree in Anthropology. Part of my studies was Medical Anthropology through which I got in contact with different cultural practices and ideas of health and healing. Some of them more efficient than our biomedical (western) practices.

How can that be? What are we missing out on just because we think

our way of "medicine" is the most "developed" one? In the search

of the answers to these questions, I got deeper involved with

holistic health systems - like tribal knowledge from first nations,

Yogic traditions and TCM approaches.

"Each set of beliefs only makes sense within the specific culture"

would be an answer, typical for an anthropologist - but there had

to be more. There was an underlying truth, like a red thread going

through those seemingly different approaches.

I could feel it deep inside of me. So instead of having only an anthropological approach, I also became a practitioner. I studied traditional Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda,  Woman's medicine and energy healing. One of the things many holistic healing systems had in common was the honoring of the feminine nature and specific practices and teachings just for women and their bodies. With this realization, my two biggest loves - women's teachings and healing - merged into my greatest passion: Holistic Women's Health.

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Want to work with me?

Besides offering 1:1 bodywork, workshops and consultations I'm also available as guest teacher, speaker and writer for events, festivals, interviews, trainings & articles.

In a warm and authentic style I'm speaking with embodied experience coming from hundreds of hours of research, personal practice and client sessions.

I'm always open to discuss possibilities for collaborations. My favorite topics to speak on are...

  • Holistic Women's Health

  • Menstruation

  • Hormonal Balance

  • Feminine Sexuality

  • Embodied Trauma & Trauma Release

  • Yoga & Tantra

  • Female Spirituality & Religious Studies

  • Cultural Conditioning

  • Anthropology

Professional Training & Background

My professional training and education include...

  • University Degree in Anthropology - Specialization in Gender Studies and Medical Anthropology, Austria

  • University Studies in Indology, Religious Studies and Tibetology, Austria

  • Yoga Teacher Training, Thailand

  • Trauma-informed Yoga Training, Austria

  • Yoga & Psychotherapy Training, Thailand

  • Yoga Nidra Training, Thailand

  • Pelvic Massage Training, Thailand & Australia

  • Hormonal Massage Training, Austria

  • Trauma First Aid with Dr. Peter Levine, Austria

  • Collective Trauma Prevention with Dr. Peter Levine, Austria

  • Somatic Psychology Application with Dr. Chris Walling, Austria


Next to the professional training listed above I also did several transformative programs and personal training in...

  • Traditional Mahavidya Initiations - in the lineage of Guruji Rajkumar Baswar

  • Intensive Training in Yoga and Tantra, Thailand

  • Emotional Self Development, Thailand

  • Pelvic Wellness Intensive, Australia

  • Non Violent Communication, Austria

  • Conscious Sexuality & Relationships, Thailand

  • Feminine Embodyment, Australia

  • Women's Health in TCM and Ayurveda, Austria

  • Shamanic Healing, Austria & Thailand

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