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Woman's Medicine

In a world where the medical system was designed by men, with the male body as the archetype, women's health is often overlooked or misunderstood. Modern techniques paired with ancient knowledge help us establish a new (yet traditional), more feminine way of healthcare. Every client is seen as a holistic, multilayered woman. All of her aspects, all of who she is, is welcomed and considered in the sessions. She is the expert, she has the authority over her own body.

With this approach to healthcare, we access the wisdom in our bodies and reconnect to woman's medicine - the way of the woman.

I am here to facilitate this connection and support you on your journey - whether it's with bodywork, coaching, or private sessions.


True holistic healthcare for women with femessence.


Find Healing from Within.

Pressure point massage 2

Pressure Points & Zones

The ancient science of an interconnected human being.

Energy Healing

Work on the subtle aspects of your being to support your flow of Qi.

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A modern technique to strengthen your lymphatic system and detox your body.

Oils & Herbs

Special home made oils and herbal mixtures are applied during the session to help balance the hormonal system.

Massage Oils

„Woman's Medicine is the soul of healing. The deep feminine that will heal you, and will in turn heal the world.“

Lucy H. Pearce